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Vault APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
Here another one of the best and top rated privacy protection APK format file is released for free downloading and installing and it named vault app which is specially designed for android operating devices for protecting all kind of important data from others. Friend when we find (search) protect APKs on Google and other search engine than there are many such as hide it pro or Audio manager and much more, but when it comes to system performance and functional service then best and first selection is vaultAPK.
Vault app deserves best rated and first number in protection APKs on WWW due to its high quality service. 100 million plus user‘s test app on their obtained device for their best upshot in globe, which is clearly showing it performance and working capacity. App best function which wins thousand hearts of people is Data transfer, yes with cloud backup service operating users can move their android data from old device to new device without any risk also backup SMS, Contact, Call Logs, photos, video trough cloud so they never get lost.
With the access of vault APK android users can import their important video and pictures and hide on app and without entering correct password it can’t opened. So don’t worry after hide your data and if in case you will forget password then you can retrieve you password through security email.
Vault APK is world best brand keep secure all elements of android phones, so what you wait for download it file here and join them on the go. Before getting file of app let’s have a look on the key features of app which is unique from others.
  • Hide and protect all kind of photos and videos from other
  • Set your contact as private, call logs, SMS
  • With App lock privacy protection protect your apps and games
  • Through private browser you can run internet activates more safely and no history save behind
  • Save your all kind of vital data in cloud and backup according to your need
  • Recover forget password through security email
  • With advanced feature create multiple vaults with difference password to store your data
  •  Support all kind of devices and much more
Info About Vault APK:
  • Name of File: Vault APK
  • Developer : NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)
  • Present Version :
  • Format file : APK
  • Cost : 100% Free
Here talked enough about vault APK already in upper paragraph already, free download vault pp for android phones and tables on the fly. This latest released APK format file is free and downloading and installation, get file of app on the below link.


ApentalCalc (Apental Calc) v2.50 Free Download (Latest) for Android

ApentalCalc Apk
For free downloading and installation of ApentalCalc Latest updated edition (2.50) on your android devices {smart phones and tablets} you are landed excellent location, in this webpage of our site we will present apentalcalc (FaceBook Auto likerdownload link free of cost for you, you just need to download and install APK  file on your android phones. 
When you found facebook likes APKs on Goggle and other search engine then you can find tons of files, but when it to comes to system performance and working service then apental calc standing alone and all of them. Apental is industry leading app in globe to provide your instant result on the go. 

Description of APP:

Apentalcalc is android app designed for getting likes on FB activities such as likes on photos, video, page and other stuff. apental is ultimate tool to get like to fb deeds as on the wish of FB users, In WWW most of the peoples selection is apental which clearly showing in popularity and working capacity.     

ApentalCalc key Features

  • Unlimted likes on FaceBook pictures
  • Create likes according to your wish
  • More likes on Facebook status, video and photos
  • Create unlimited likes on your facebook page as on wish
  • Increase likes of any facebook user’s pictures
  • Support almost every android device that has android access
  • And much more feature

Info of APK file

  • Product name : Apental
  • Offered By: Apental
  • Current Version: 2.50 (UPDATED)
  • Category : Social 
  • Format File : APK
Download APK  format file of apental calc (apentalcalc) at the end of page and enjoy benefits of app. Installing process is simple smiler to other apps follow on touch option and install on android phones & tablets.


AnTuTu benchmark APK 6.2.7 Free Download (Latest) for Android

If you are here for free downloading of AnTuTu benchmark APK App on your android smart phones and tablets then you are visiting interesting site, inside post out group brings you free and real APK file of app. AnTuTu benchmark app is all in one popular android tool for android platform, which users are more than 100,000,000 in globe. Since 2014 Google also used the app which show that how good and useful app.
AnTuTu benchmark is industry leading application in whole world and used for cheeking performance of android devices, app enable android users to check all element of devices comprehensively including UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I/O and much more. It assists android users to assess all android item personally and get score, also score may uploaded to the AnTuTu database and used to rank device among all other android devices.

Key features of AnTuTu benchmark:

Latest 3D design is developed for testing 3D scene
New CPU testing added
New score proportion
Check overall performance of devices
Compatible with thousand of android smart phones, i phones, tablets, and other phones
100 % free for downloading or virus free

Info About file:

  • Title of file: AnTuTu benchmark
  • Developer: AnTuTu
  • Version: 6.2.7 (Latest updated)
  • Format: APK file
  •  Cost: Free
APK file format is now sat for downloading and installing on the given link at the end of webpage, so go and download AnTuTu benchmark APK for android and enjoy features on the go. Installation process is very simple similar to other tools, so don’t worry just get file of AnTuTu benchmark app and install it. Follow one touch installation process or after launching the app follow the steps view in device screen.


Hotspot Shield Elite (Crack) APK Free Download for Android

Pleasurable info for android operating mobile users is Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Proxy APK app latest updated edition 4.8.4 is standing for free and direct downloading on this page. Our readers and users are capable to get free and official APK file of app right away from on the given link at the bottom of webpage. App is used in WWW widely and thousands of people are dependable on it for their instant result.
Good looking and most helpful part of app is, it with you can enjoy any website or app anywhere around the world, that means that app enable android users to unblock beloved apps or websites in WWW with full freedom. Elite version enables you to unblock and access more than 20 vital locations including US, UK, JP, IN, AU, CA, CN, TR, UA and more.

Features of Hotspot shield Elite VPN cracked APK:

Protect and unblock any world content anywhere in globe
Secure your IP address, Identity, Location and WIFI connection from hackers and snoopers
Unblock geo restricted content like global media, video, messaging, social apps and networks
Fastest VPN speed as compare to others
100% secure and free for downloading
And much more

Info about apk file

  • Name: Hotspot shield elite APK
  • App by: Anchorfree GmbH
  • Current  version: 4.8.5 (Updated)
  • Format File: APK
  • Price of file: Free
Get ready to download free hotspot shield APK format file for android phones and tablets right know, original and free file is here for downloading. Click on the given link at the end of post and get file on the go.

Cloud Root Apk Free Download (Latest) for Android Phone &Tablets

Cloud root APKs are the WWW (world wide web) most functional most powerful and most ultimate tools that can perform root process smartly and sharply without wasting any time. In globe never ending cloud root apk are bring different site for download, but some of the site presents modified version of it which can damage your android phones or may be abnormal.
If you want to root your Os devices with any cloud root app to get rid of all restriction added by devices manufacturer, then you may consider given below cloud root Apks. After rooting process you are able to enjoy every single and secreted features of your android tablets and phones on the go. provide Apks are 100 % safe and secure also assist you to root your obtained android phones in couple of second. 
Some of the key features of Cloud root APk are given below of page.

Cloud Root features summery;

  • with the assisting of cloud root apk on any android phones and tablets, users can root device with any pc accessing 
  • Cloud root not require any complicated and complex process 
  • One click and root process will atomically started on the fly 
  • Root thousand of android phones and tablets 
  • Virus and malware free
  • Boost up performance and speed of android devices as well as battery life
  • Compatible with almost every android version  
  • Cloud root apk provided root service for every android mobile company
  • Easy for usage and 100% free for downloading
  • And much more
Below provide world first class root APK are final choice for root all kind of android phones and tablets, so choice your best cloud root APK for getting your instant result on the go. Given below APKs are updated on regular basis so try our best root APKs to root your devices. In the whole globe millions of people are trusted and testing on android devices for rooting.

VRoot English

  • Developers         Mgyun  
  • Size                    1.31 MB
  • Class                   APK
  • Cost                    Free
Download APK        

Baidu Root Apk

  • Developers    Baidu Inc
  • Size               10 MB
  • Android         2.2 +
  • Format           APK

Root Genius APK 

  • Version          3.1.7
  • Developers    ? 
  • Format            Apk
  • Price               Free of cost

Universal Androot APK

  • Version     1.6.2
  • Class         APK
  • Price         Free of cost
Download APK

Instant Root APK

  • Name   Instant root apk
  • Format  APK
  • Cost       Free

Z4Root (z 4root) APK

  • Product   Z4root 
  • Version   2.3.3 
  • Format   APK

Key Root Master English 

  • Offered by    Root Master
  • Version          1.3.6
  • Category        Root Tools
Friend all this collection of root Apks are named cloud root APK, lets download beloved cloud root tool for root your android smart phones and tablets on the go. i am sure after testing this tool you are capable to enjoy all hidden features of devices.

Key Root Master APK (English) Download Free for Android

Guys in this page of site we are sharing you WWW safe and secure rooting tool, which can perform root process smartly or smoothly on all android smart phones and tablets. In present days tons of tools done root devices smartly, but we all know that few tools damage devices or devices may abnormal. Reason is that some of site provided modified version/file of app without testing on devices personally. That why we bring official and original APK format file of tool for our users. The tool is known as Key root master APK.
Famous developer Root Master introduces her product key root master in World Wide Web in recent times. Tool perform smartly rooting process smoothly on all android devices without offering risk and complicated process, that why tool become popular in globe. Key root master app is world number 1 for rooting devices, www millions users use tool for get their instant result.
Root process is used to explore all hidden features and functions of devices. After root process you will be capable to enjoy all features of devices including hacking, modifying and much more. Now a day’s almost all android application and games working on rooted devices, that why peoples tested different root tools on devices to root it. If you want to root device then test world first class root tool and it named key root master app. If you are not trusted provided tool, then you can found Z4root, Universal Androot and baidu root also.

Info about key root master 1.3.6 English APK: 

  • Package name: Key root master
  • Developer: Root Master
  • Version current: 1.3.6 (Latest)
  • Format: APK
  • Size file: 2.15 MB
Provide root tools are root all kind and category of android phones and tablets without assisting any pc and desktop. That why we prefer this most rated and ultimate tools to root devices. Free download key root master APK for android and tablets by clicking on download link below of page. Try this free and safe tool on android phones, tablets, smart phones and i phone on the go. Key root master tool need supersu access, so get it APK file by clicking SuperSu download. 


AC Market (AcMarket) APK v3.0.9 Free Download for Android

Good news for android users is AC Market APK for android is ready for free downloading and installation on this webpage. AC Market is well organized platform for android users where they can find their needed APK cracked apps. App assist you android users to find crack apps and download it on devices on the go.

Inside app millions WWW best and most rated paid games and apps are also avail for downloading and installing. You can get paid apps and games directly from app not wasting you times. App includes all kind of paid games and apps around the world for that you are visiting site to site.
ACMarket has become very popular after releasing for download due to its powerful service, day by day it popularity increasing sharply which can show that how popular app was. App friendly design and easy usage also win the heart of users and after using this one you will be fall in love. Fast speed performance and direct downloading APK format files also won millions heart.

AC Market Info:

  • Name: AC Market
  • Size: 3.3 MB
  • Version: v3.0.9
  • Developed by :
  • Support Android: all Android OS
  • Price: free
Like to test app on your android phones and tablets, then ready to download free Ac Market APK app. To download latest updated version of App 3.0.9 on the go, click the link at the end of web page. Hope that AC market APK provides yours instant on the fly get it free and enjoy best and superb features of app on smart phones and tablets.


Star Tag Music Editor APK 2.0 Free Download for Android

Are you here for downloading and installing of star music tag editor APK on your android smart phones and tablets then valuable platform was this, inside this post of web we share you free and latest edition 2.0 of APK format file for all android operating devices. App enable android users to edit MP3 song directly from on devices, it assist you to remove permanent background pictures and offer to set your beloved photos all times. After accessing the picture you will be able to see your pictures on your android devices or other devices. Before getting file just look out best features below listed.

Star tag music editor features:

  • Album cover modify
  • Lyrics modify
  • Folder, Album, Artist List
  • Search
  • Support SDCARD on a Lollipop
  • Support almost all android versions
  • 100 % safe and free for downloading
  • More

Details of APK file:

Name of file: Star Tag music editor
App by: Star Music Studio
Present version: 2.0 (updated)
Support android: 2.1 +
Format file: APK
Cost: Free
Free and original file of app is ready for downloading for all operating android users, free download star tag music editor APK for android (latest) by clicking on the download link at the end of page. We will sure Star tag music editor app provide you better upshot out of expect. Have the benefit of file and live with our team for handier APKs file.


Free Download Front line Commando 2 (D-Day) APK+Data for Android

If you have best experience of action and fighting games then stay with us because in this post we bring the latest released version of front-line commando APK game for android users. D Day APK is prompt and hasty game which you will never have experienced before.  Front line commando is an astounding game for you, if you have skills to play action games on android phones and tablets. Front line commando give an opportunity to celebrate every attack and victory of games, enjoy every great win splendidly with your squad friends. This most and latest updated APK version of game is released by developer and it support every kind of android smart phones and tablets android required more then 3.0.
Screen shot of action game
D-Day (Front-line-commando)

Top features of Front line commando (D day):

  • Magnificent HD graphic of game
  • Huge gathering of world advance and newest weapon
  • Play games in 5 unique campaign (145 separate mission) 
  • Compatible with various android devices
  • Totally free for downloading and installing 
  • Easy for use and much more

How to get (Download) APK Format file:

  • First of all download APK file by clicking on the link (given at bottom).
  • When downloading complete, visit your devices SD card or internal storage and tap on file.
  • After few moment installing complete (depending on devices speed).   
  • When installing game complete, launched the game.
  • You are done, enjoy yourself game.
Screen shot:
Screen shot of d-day APK

Info of D-Day (Front line commando):

  • File Name: Front Line Commando
  • Offered By: Glu
  • Version: 3.0.3 (UPDATED)
  • Android: more then 3.0
  • Size of file: 76 MB
  • Category: Action
  • Price of file: Free
Direct full APK format file of Front line commando 2 is ready for downloading and you can also get it by using download link, placed at the end of webpage, free and download this action game right away from here and if you face any trouble then never forget to share you opinions with us.  


SnapSave APK 2.1.3 Free Download (Latest) for Android

App Description:
Free download and install most updated version v2.0 APK format file of snapsave APK for your all obtained android smart phones and tablets on the go. Snapsave for snapchat is one of best application that assist android users also snapchat users to save snaps on your android devices. Through the app you can save all kind of snaps on android devices directly from snapchat. If you are snapchat user then you must need this superb app. If you are interested for using app then you can easily and free download official APK file of app on the given link at the end of page.

SnapSave for Snapchat Features:

  • Save and store snapchat pictures, videos, stories and much more on devices 
  • Work with rooted and non rooted both 
  • Easy login Steps and use
  • Compatible with various version android version   
  • 100% risk free
  • And much more

APK File Info:

  • Package Name: SnapSave APK
  • Recent Version: 2.1.3 (Latest)
  • Minimum Android:  2.2
  • Format File: APK
  • Cost of File: Free
SnapSave APK not required any root permission, so let free download and install APK file of app right away from here. To get APK file of app use free and safe download link given at the bottom of post.

Link2SD Plus APK 4.0.13 Download Free (Latest) for Android

Link2SD plus APK for android is the final most authoritative, most purposeful and most valuable for people who want to test with enough games and application on android devices on the go. In WWW every android users are access lots of APKs design file on their android tablets and phones as on the need, but when time to maintain them, it was hard task. If you are APKS fan and also want to handle them then link2SD app must be install on your devices, because it ultimate app which assist it users to handle all android Apks file.
Link2SD plus APK is all-in-one app for android smart phones and tablets which enables you to move your android APK file from devices internal storage to SD card as well as SD card to internal storage. App assists you to move your stuff between internal storage and SD card on the go from link2sd app.
With the touch of Link2SD APK you can clear app caches also allow you to seem full information of downloaded Apk files. Uninstall and re-install your beloved stuff from within the app on the fly as well as create shortcuts for your apps.

Link2SD plus APK free download information:

  • Package name          Link2SD Plus
  • Product of                Bulent Akpinar
  • Current version        4.0.1
  • Android support       2.0 +
  • Format of file           APK
  • Price of file              Free
Some of the sites are provided modified version of Link2SD APK that can cause damage to your device or any other unwanted activities, so, please download only official APK file that we bring for you in post of website. Get Link2SD plus APK format file on your android tablets and phones on the go by clicking on link given on the page. Good Luck👈


ZArchiver APK 0.8.4 Free Download (Latest Version) for Android

ZArchiver APK format file is released for all android platforms and you can get the latest apk of app from this web page.  ZArchiver is recently released version for android phones which contain tons of features specified bellow. This app was industry leading management archives for android users.
ZArchiver APK allow it users to create compressed zip archives in some formats such as 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar. When it come to decompress it more powerful and support more archives formats likes 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, arc (freearc).
ZArchiver APK support password protected too. E.g. if you make a protected compressed RAR archive with WInRAR uinsg your PC, then it can be decompressed on your android phones and smart phones with the access of app. I am sure your never need any PC to decompressing protected archives because ZArchiver will gives result out of thinking.
For access of more and more zip management solution on your android device, you relay need ZArchiver APK app. Desirable result can offers you only on only this app because it have power to give you wonderful result as on your fancy.
With the help of ZArchiver APK you can decompression partial archives. For example you need some special from archives file, then result will gives only on this app. Main features this app is that through it your can decompress your needed files and  via it you can easily save your storages space as well as times.

ZArchiver APK Latest Version Info:

  • File name      ZArchiver
  • Developer     Zdevs
  • Version          0.8.4
  • Android         4.0 +
  • File Format    APK
  • Price              Free 
Want to use zarchiver APK on tablets or android then move yourself from end of page; where free and safe download link will placed for downloading. Let get APK format file ZArchiver APK from link below and install it on devices right away from here.